Human Resources

Human Resources · June 03, 2024
There are many reasons why employees quit: They feel their salary is too low. They don't see a clear career track or professional development opportunities. They want more flexibility at work and in their personal lives. They don't feel valued or appreciated for their efforts and skills. How you respond when someone quits makes a big difference to company morale and to your ability to prevent similar resignations in the future.
Human Resources · April 16, 2024
Motivating employees does not simply depend on magic or personal leadership charisma. More often, a few simple practices can boost morale and enhance your team's daily satisfaction.

Human Resources · January 29, 2024
Once the team is in place, it is generally up to the managers to continue to monitor members' development. They seek to identify those individuals likely to contribute most to the company. Especially in a smaller startup, it is helpful to recognize exceptional competency while the operation is still in its early stages. With an eye on the future, management can lay the groundwork for optimal performance later.
Human Resources · December 11, 2023
PsychCentral defines neurodiversity as a "nonmedical term used to describe anyone living with brain function outside of what's typical for the majority (those known as neurotypical)." Additionally, the Neurodiversity Hub says neurodiversity is "an approach to learning and disabilit[ies] that argues diverse neurological conditions are a result of normal variations in the human genome."

Human Resources · December 04, 2023
Offering workers the opportunity to have flexible hours gives your business an edge in recruitment, staying ahead of the competition. Flexible hours tend to vary by job requirement, how your business operates in its industry and workers' preferences and needs.
Human Resources · November 27, 2023
The science of onboarding is much more elaborate today. It should not be confused with orientation, which is basically a crash course where you find out where the nearest restroom is and other essential information. Onboarding is an extended process that can last from about three months to a year and is intended to introduce the company's policies, culture, business processes and systems to a new employee.

Human Resources · October 30, 2023
If qualified people aren't responding to your job postings, it's probably because they don't find them compelling enough. Remember, other employers are vying for the same talent as you. Therefore, your job ads need to capture the attention of the people you're trying to reach.
Human Resources · October 16, 2023
People with arrest or conviction records attached to their names often face steep if not insurmountable barriers when seeking employment. As such, re-entering the workforce post incarceration can be brutal and seemingly impossible.

Human Resources · September 04, 2023
It may happen that job candidates show up with more skills and experience than you expected. They may have attained a higher level of education or been around the block an extra few times in the industry. As a manager, would you be enthusiastic about hiring a new source of talent like that? Or would you be nervous about rocking the boat by introducing new performance criteria or creating resentment from other team members?
Human Resources · August 28, 2023
Lawmakers and regulators are increasingly scrutinizing whether AI hiring tools unintentionally perpetuate bias. While these tools can streamline hiring processes, they may pose a compliance risk if they discriminate against certain candidates.