Payroll/Taxes · July 31, 2023
Let's say you have employees who experienced a major life change within the past year. Whether it be switching jobs, getting married or increasing the number of people in their family, there are many reasons why someone might be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit.
Payroll/Taxes · July 24, 2023
Despite the controversy surrounding it, cryptocurrency remains a hot topic. In the employment world, a top question is whether employers can pay employees in cryptocurrency. Before we determine this, let’s explore “cryptocurrency” a bit.

Payroll/Taxes · July 10, 2023
On Jan. 1, the minimum wage increased in 23 states. From a 23-cent increase in Michigan to an increase of $1.50 in Nebraska, people who earn minimum wage are celebrating in many places across the nation.
Payroll/Taxes · June 26, 2023
More than ever, as rising inflation chips away at disposable income, a pay raise can help plug the gap. The 2023 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment is 8.7%. When times are tough, some extra dollars can remind employees that management has not forgotten them.

Payroll/Taxes · June 20, 2023
Employers generally must withhold income tax from employees' wages. To figure out how much tax to withhold, you need to use the employee's Form W-4, the appropriate method and the appropriate withholding table described in Publication 15-T, Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods. You'll deposit your withholdings based on your business and the amount you withhold.