Payroll/Taxes · July 01, 2024
On-call employees are required by their employers to be available for work even during the employees' time off. Whether you must provide on-call pay for these employees depends on a few factors. But if you're not paying for these hours, you may be violating the Fair Labor Standards Act rules for hours worked and overtime. And that's a recipe for hefty fines.
Payroll/Taxes · June 10, 2024
If you know in advance what common errors employers make with W-2s, maybe you can avoid those mistakes next year. Know also that the data needed for state W-2 reporting may be more difficult to gather from far-flung employees, but states are cracking down on employers who haven’t withheld.

Payroll/Taxes · May 14, 2024
Tax season may be over for this year, but it's never too early to start for next year. How can you make tax prep easier for your employees?
Payroll/Taxes · May 05, 2024
Minimum wage and overtime requirements are established by federal law, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). That said, the FLSA has evolved over the years, and what was true at the time of its passage in 1938 differs from what currently stands today.

Payroll/Taxes · April 02, 2024
Pay stubs can be referred to as pay or wage statements and may be considered the decoder ring of payroll. Pay statements summarize employees’ gross pay, taxes and deductions, and net pay. They can be in printed format or made available electronically.
Payroll/Taxes · March 18, 2024
By nature, nonprofits operate with the selfless assistance of volunteers. However, what if we told you that nonprofits also have paid employees who rely on regularly scheduled paydays?

Payroll/Taxes · February 12, 2024
Many businesses, their accountants and advisers have been wondering what's happening with the employee retention credit, a refundable tax credit for businesses and tax-exempt organizations that had employees and were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent weeks, the IRS has been focusing on weeding out companies that applied but were not eligible.
Payroll/Taxes · February 05, 2024
Below are federal payroll tax rates and benefits contribution limits for 2024.

Payroll/Taxes · January 18, 2024
Workers who are considered employees do not have to pay their own taxes during the year. Instead, employers withhold income tax from their employees’ paychecks and pay it to the IRS on behalf of the employee.
Payroll/Taxes · October 09, 2023
An unorganized and inefficient payroll process is a recipe for eventual disaster. If you rely on paper processes, both manual data entries and a massive number of spreadsheets can yield more errors than most people realize.

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