Remote Work

Remote Work · March 25, 2024
A sad truth is emerging: The most common trend in work-from-home may be a regression in gender equality. Studies show women appear to be doing the same or more tasks on the domestic front. When the pandemic first struck, hopes ran high that radical changes in flexible work-from-home patterns would catalyze gender equality, creating a more level playing field between spouses. With men doing more around the house during the lockdown, would more equitable gender norms evolve?
Remote Work · February 19, 2024
Trailblazer Elon Musk began insisting in November 2022 that employees at X, then Twitter, must work on-site 40 hours per week. Later, Zoom, an iconic work-from-home enabler, announced in August 2023 that workers living within 50 miles of an office must come in twice a week. That same month, the dating app Grindr demanded workers relocate to its Los Angeles headquarters or another hub city like New York or Chicago. Among 178 Grindr employees, 82 refused and were dismissed.

Remote Work · November 13, 2023
According to 2023 data from Zippia, "66% of U.S. employees work remotely, at least part-time." And that number is expected to keep climbing. So there's a good chance you already have remote employees or will hire them at some point. Either way, remote employees need to have certain soft skills in order to succeed on the job.